About JP and her Bikinis

Jenny Penny has fused her passion for creativity and fashion to produce her own line of bikinis reaching pool-sides and beaches all over Isla Mujeres, Mexico and now Tulum!  JP has been living in Isla Mujeres for seven years and decided this year to venture into opening her own boutique.  Jenny Penny Beach Boutique features her own line of bikinis of course but also a range of women’s clothing, jewellery, art, beachwear and accessories.

She was inspired to design her first collection in 2010 by the many women living and travelling this small island, that come from all over the world. Jenny Penny Bikinis are designed to celebrate the beauty of the female body in all its shapes and sizes. All collections are designed to provide versatility, style and comfort whilst having fun with colours and patterns that can be mix matched in style and size.

This Canadian entrepreneur has dabbled in many different forms of art such as photography, painting, jewellery making, graphic design and has now taken her love of fashion to a whole new level. Many women are drawn to a particular form of fashion; some women love bags or shoes but Jenny Penny has always loved bikinis! Combining her creative and entrepreneurial nature, along with the fact that she has always tended to follow the sun has definitely attributed to creating her own line of swimwear.  The line is designed, created and made in Isla Mujeres. Jen believes in supporting the local community whenever possible, as such the swimwear is mainly sold here in Mexico, but is also shipped internationally.

Jen grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in an entrepreneurial family, fortunate enough to travel on holiday to exotic destinations with her family. This impacted the way she wanted to live her life and opened her eyes to the possibilities in the world beyond Canada in both lifestyle and weather! After finishing high school she had a go at University but quickly learned that she yearned for a different kind of education. She strived to travel the world instead and learn all she could about different cultures, people and lifestyles. She craved to see all that this world has to offer. Travelling was definitely rewarding but also frustrating, never having somewhere she felt she belonged. Leading an ‘alternative lifestyle’ was never easy for her but having the support of her parents always kept her going. This gave her the spirit that she could do anything she set her mind to! The desire to live abroad was her ultimate goal. After many years of travelling she finally achieved her life dream and moved to the Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

The island offers many things but only recently has the option to shop for fashionable clothing really come about and what was still lacking, was a stylish choice of women’s clothing, swimwear and accessories. How perfect! The line is designed, created and made on the Island. Jen believes in supporting the local community whenever possible, as such the swimwear is mainly sold here in Mexico, but is also shipped internationally. The next step for Jen is to keep designing of course but also to get her brand well known across Mexico, North America and beyond!

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